2010 memberships

Current members can now renew their memberships online here.

New members joining for the first time can also join online at this site. Or if you prefer good old paper forms you can contact Bob Murison to get one of these.

There are several membership options available, as outlined on the Cycling NSW web site. Please note that our club policy is that you need a full license to race, as determined by the license definitions.

From 1 January 2010 you will only be able to race if you have renewed your license.

At the club meeting on October 7 two motions were passed in relation to licenses:

  1. Club membership fee: Part of the license fee paid to Cycling Australia is a club membership fee of around $20 which will be returned to us later in the year. In the past our club has not had this fee. The motion passed agreed that the club will retain this fee to be used for the benefit of members.
  2. Family discount: Where there are multiple members from one family, the first two members will pay the full fee, the third will receive a 25% discount, the fourth a 50% discount, and so on. These discounts will be subsidised by the club, and recognise both the significant contribution made by families to the club and the high cost of our sport.