Deck the Halls lets bow to Holly

Holly Harris records an impressive win on Dangarsleigh road.

Dangarsleigh Road was used again as a venue for a 30km handicap race on Saturday, with a good turnout of club members keen to take advantage of the terrific weather.  For the second week in a row, the first group out (the “Go” group) worked well as a team to keep the faster groups at bay for the first half of the race, their discipline breaking down as junior rider Jack Parker suffered a mechanical and Jackie Weston, after driving hard in the first 15km, was dropped by Jo “Jwow” Wauch and Dave “Ralph” Rubie.  Jwow then summarily dropped Ralph at the turnaround, forcing him to TT onto her back wheel where he took over hill bombing duties on the run to the monument, where Jwow then dropped him again as soon as the road turned upwards.  Hope came with the arrival of the combined 3 and 6 minute bunches with Haydos generously offering his wheel in an attempt to bring all the riders together to no avail.  Jwow held on bravely but it was the fast finishing juniors Holly Harris, Adam Bourke and Freya Weston who contested the sprint finish in that order.  Holly is in impressive form despite sporting a purple knee that looks like it’s held together with office staples and chewing gum, a legacy of shenanigans on those tractor bikes with the nobby tyres.

Nice to see Britt Sisson back in the bunch on a visit back from University, where she has apparently been living on an exclusive diet of cow cheeks and vodka based alco-pops

Local star Sam Jenner recorded fastest time of the day at 46:40, although the handicapping prevented the fastest riders from overhauling the slower groups.
The walking wounded from last weeks incident all seemed to be in pretty good spirits, despite their various bandages and casts.  Hospital staff are still exasperated after having to deal with the riders who eschewed medical assistance for themselves, insisting that their bikes should be given first priority.  Two of the bikes survived with minor injuries but a small, tasteful service will be held for The Cannibals Madone some time during the week.