News catchup

Unfortunately, every now and again real life intrudes on cycling matters, hence the lack of updates recently.

The Grafton cycling club is running the Jacaranda Criterium on the 5th of November 2011.  Flyer here:


Port Macquarie are holding a two day tour in November featuring the awesome lead-out stylings of Mark Renshaw, although on microphone rather than bicycle.  Not sure how he will take being called “the worlds best lead out man” now that he has his own team and will be racing for himself next year…


Sam Jenner won a fun 40km scratch race last Saturday – two grades (A/B combined, then C/D combined).  A very brave showing by the juniors in the C/D race as well.

A/B grade

1          Sam Jenner       1.08.20

2          Dave Munday    same time

3          Lachie McPhee  same time

4          Roger Munday  same time

Big effort from Lachie McPhie there – also quite a few comments about how strong Peter “Captain Dropout” Creagan is riding at the moment.

C/D grade

1          Adam Bourke    1.15.21

2          Jo Benham       1.15.30

3          Dave Jenner      1.15.30

4          Britt Sisson       1.15.30

Awesome effort from Jo Benham there too – maybe there’s something to that Rockvale Road training she has been doing.  However, you can’t take anything away from Adam Bourke as he improves by leaps and bounds in every race he enters.  Must be all that excellent racing advice he gets from us (ahem) back markers in C grade.  Either that or everybody hates riding with us so much they ride away at the first opportunity.

The club AGM was held on Monday the 10th, with a massive turnout of members.  Well, if you count 10 as massive.  All the old office bearers were re-elected unnoposed (congratulations everybody) with Andrew Swan continuing as club president for another year.

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