Racing update 5-6 May

Junior racing on Saturday 5 May is now on from 1 to 2pm as usual. The Rural Fire Service are using the track at 3pm so we will have to leave in good time after racing.

There will be no road race for seniors on Saturday because we will be getting the signs and trailer ready for setting up the course on Sunday.

If you want to turn your legs over, meet at Dangarsleigh at 2.30pm for a group ride.

If you plan on racing Sunday please enter with Mark Bullen by Friday afternoon at the latest. It helps us with the handicapping to get the groups worked out in advance. Plus the entry fee is higher if entering on the day.

Finally, given the limited parking at Mt Yarrowyck, if you can pool transport it would be a good idea (try using our facetube site to coordinate this).

Sign on at Mt Yarrowyck will open at 9am for a 10am start in the 100km race. 40 and 20km race will start thereafter.

Andrew Swan