Road Racer 2019

1.1 – Pts/Race is the average number of points achieved for that rider each time they race
1.2 – Last 5 Rounds shows the place achieved by the rider in the last 5 races.
1.2.1 – If the rider did not race then their place will be shown as DNS (Did Not Start)
1.3 – Where two or more riders have the same points, the higher rank is given to the rider with the highest points per race figure.
1.3.1 – Where the figure in 1.3 is the same, the rider with the best finishing place is used. – Where the figure in 1.3 and 1.3.1 are the same, the rider alphabetical surname sequence is used (yes, that could probably be a bit more scientific)!
Details of the Armidale Cycling Club approach to race handicapping are available here.

Points are awarded as follows

(rule 1.4)
1st Place 10 points
2nd Place 9 points
3rd Place 8 points
4th Place 7 points
5th Place 6 points
1.4.1 – Turning up and racing but not placed 1st to 5th, 3 points
1.4.2 – Signs duty and running the race, 4 points – – It is possible be on sign duty and race if someone else volunteers to run the race. In this case the person on sign duty will receive the standard points should they place in the top 5, or 4 points for placing outside the top 5, but not both.
1.4.3 – If a non-club member is racing in a RROTY event, they will not qualify for bonus points. If they finish in the top-5 then their bonus points will go to the next finishing Armidale rider

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