Seniors Results Roundup

Amazing what you find when you clean out your backpack!

Phil Bookallil won the 30km handicap on the 19th of November, putting 21 seconds into Ray Phllips with Jo “JWow” Waugh a solid third.  Happiest circumstance was that Wilko was unable to catch the lead group as he lead home a big bunch with Lachie McPhie.  Iron Mick Hoult was fastest time with 46:14, Dave Munday on the same time.  A variety of pathetic stragglers came in over an hour but we won’t mention who they were, other than saying that Bob Murison in his first race back managed to make them look silly despite having lived on a steady diet of live monkey brains while trekking in deepest India for months.

Bob Murison holiday snap
Bob Murison Holiday Snap

“Bookies” distinctive saddle bag deserves a mention here, although I believe it’s under investigation for it’s special aerodynamic properties.  Do inspect it yourself if you get the chance.

Rain washed out racing the following weekend.

Last weekend Ross Burgess was chased hard for his win by a resurgent Ray Phillips with Holly Harris a solid third in the combined B/C grade criterium – Holly is rapidly learning the ropes and will soon be showing a clean enough pair of heels to us we’ll make her race A grade.  Bob Murison spent most of the race chasing down Ross as he tried to break away, keeping the race together for most of it’s length before the final bell.

A grade was won by Lachie McPhie from Brent Weston and Dave Munday – a great result for Lachie.