Update on club strip 2

The survey to change the club strip has now been finalised and votes counted. The results were 16 yes, and 12 no; a majority although not overwhelmingly so. However, mostly only one vote per family was recorded, and if we count by the number of riders on each vote, we have 25 yes and 13 no, roughly a two thirds majority.

The committee met on 31 July and agreed that on the basis of these results we will make the change. We will adopt a new club strip which will be registered with Cycling NSW. From the time the new strip is registered there will be a changeover period of two years during which the old strip can still be used.

An important change was also agreed at the meeting: Armidale Bicycle Centre will become an official sponsor of the club, and their logo will be featured on the new strip.

The committee were very pleased that Armidale Bicycle Centre have agreed to become the club’s sponsor; for one thing it acknowledges the significant contribution made by the Bullen family.

The process from here will be that:

  • Bill Mara has generously agreed to contact various cycle clothing companies to find one which suits our needs. The criteria for choosing a company will be the ability to supply small-ish orders on a regular basis, high quality, and good design.
  • Once the preferred supplier(s) have been identified, we will make some alternative designs available and perhaps vote on these. A preference to maintain the current club colours of green and white has been expressed, but if you have other ideas, please contact Bill Mara.
  • The final decision on which supplier and design to go with will be made at the Annual General Meeting to be held in late September.
  • We will collect money to make the first order, which is likely to require 25 kits.
  • The change will be registered with Cycling NSW.
  • At some point after the initial order Armidale Bicycle Centre will maintain stocks of the new kit for sale.

In the meantime, stocks of the current strip are still available at the shop, so rush in and grab one of these soon to be classic jerseys! (If you need something to keep out the cold, I can recommend the long sleeve jersey).

For more information, see this previous post.

Andrew Swan