On Duty Instructions

Please read and follow race day instructions carefully

The person rostered on duty each weekend is to act as the Race Marshal. This means that you don’t ride unless you have delegated this duty in full to someone else

Before the Race

On the day of the race

  • Decide if the weather and course conditions are suitable for racing
  • If not suitable, call Andy Robb on 0413 733 212 or Adam Edwards on 0431 150 827

If you are running a Criterium at the TEC

  • If locked, unlock the Easternmost gate to the TEC and leave it open throughout the race

If you are running a Race on public roads

  • Obtain the road signs cones and First Aid kit from the TEC
  • Familiarise yourself with the race course – Boorolong, Long Swamp or Dangarsleigh 
  • Put the signs out in the designated locations on the race route
  • Allow plenty of time and don’t miss warning signs on side roads
  • Pay particular attention to the Start/Finish line and the turning point
  • Place six cones (3 either side of the road) at the Start/Finish line and another four at the turning point
  • Allow about 45 minutes on Long Swamp and about an hour on Boorolong and Dangarsleigh Courses
  • Report any missing or damaged signs or cones to Dene Bourke

For all Races

  • Ensure you have the first aid kit and it is well stocked – report issues to Dene Bourke
  • Arrange the sign-on, collect money and check licences for unlisted riders
  • Assist the Handicapper with handicaps and any rider communications
  • Advise riders of the route, where the turn is and how it is marked
  • Remind riders to race safely at all times, keep left, don’t cross white lines
  • Start the race and where possible, marshal the turning point
  • If video not used, record places and finishing times for all riders
  • Leave signs in place until all riders have completed the course

At the end of the race

  • Ensure all riders are accounted for before leaving the course
  • Give the sign-on sheet to the Andy Robb or Adam Edwards
  • Give results to Andy Robb or email to info@armidalecyclingclub.org
  • Return the equipment to the shipping container at the TEC or handover to next person on duty
  • Lock the gate carefully – see important note below
  • Return the keys to the Armidale Bicycle Centre

IMPORTANT: Locking the gate at the TEC 
We have had a few issues with this previously so please ensure you lock the TEC gates very carefully. There are several padlocks on the chain and it is very important that you only use the ACC padlock so that other users of the gate are able to unlock and lock it with their own padlock keys.

If the Fire Brigade are still present at the track then do not lock the gates – just leave them wide open.
If no one is at the track when you leave, lock the gate by linking the ACC padlock into the chain as shown below. Do not use our padlock to lock the chain so other padlocks are inoperable. If you’re in any doubt call one of the club officials on the contacts page for help.